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As pet sitters and dog walkers, our schedules vary week to week and work is not guaranteed. While it's possible to eventually make a full time living as a pet sitter, this is intended to be supplemental income, not your primary source of income. Do you understand and agree?*

Are you willing to communicate with the team during off days and off hours?*

Are you comfortable working by yourself for long periods of time?*

Do you have a smartphone with a high (or unlimited) data plan?*

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Do you have a reliable car? If so, do you understand that this job requires a lot of driving?*

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Have you ever done any pet sitting before? In what capacity? Have you ever worked for a Professional Pet Sitting Service either as an employee or independent contractor?*

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Do you have experience administering medication to pets and are you comfortable doing this? Please describe:*

Scenario: You arrive at a client’s home for a scheduled visit, but upon entering, you notice another pet in the house who wasn’t mentioned in the service request.  The additional pet seems hungry and in need of attention.  How do you handle this unexpected situation?*

Scenario: A client requests that you administer medication to their pet during the visit.  However, when you arrive, the pet is uncooperative and refuses to take the medication.  How do you proceed to ensure the pet receives the necessary medication?*

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Because of the nature of the pet services business, holidays are busy for us, and we need our team members available so that we may be able to serve our clients. To thank our team for working holidays, we pay our team members a bonus when they work holidays. They receive between $5-$10 extra for each visit, depending on the holiday (we will provide a list with our employee contract). 

Please mark all of the holidays that you ARE NOT available to do pet sitting, for even a part of the day(s):

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If no, I am only available until: 

Tell us about your current availability, such as school schedules or other jobs. Please be as detailed as possible.*


We allow our clients to schedule visit requests in blocks of time. Those times are

 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.

11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

5 p.m. – 8 p.m. (this sometimes can run later)








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Please let us know your general availability for each day by selecting below.  As mentioned earlier, we make every attempt to not schedule our team members with split shifts, and we do not schedule them more than five days a week. When we have extra shifts available, we will list them on our team Slack channel. If you are interested in working split shifts to maximize income potential, please make a note of that here.

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